Mathieu Rousseau

Contemporary Figurative Painter

Instinctive and spontaneous, my contemporary works straddle the line between representation and abstraction. Painting allows me to explore and work with the plastic process, its organization and the state of the medium. Contemporary and original, my paintings are relevant to the times. In my creative process as a figurative painter, verticality reminds me that time is passing. I play with the effect of gravity on the medium and try to control the way it acts depending on the form I have chosen.

Whether it is an animal taken with a representational approach, nature, or a purely instinctive and abstract creation, my subjects emerge and burst forth on the canvas. In my contemporary paintings, I focus on colour, highlights and textures. I transform raw material into an expressive work of art. Transparency and light direct the viewer's attention and thought away from the ordinary. My work as an artist is a process that allows me to add complexity to my techniques, in addition to more personal dimensions. My paintings are controlled, positioned and constructed.

I have been a professional painter for more than 15 years.

My process is like me....constantly evolving.